Welcome to Lumen!

Lumen is an enterprise technology platform that enables companies to capitalize on emerging applications and power the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). This revolution is redefining how we live and work, creating an unprecedented need for an advanced application delivery architecture—designed specifically to handle the complex and data-intensive workloads of next-gen technology and businesses.

We integrate network assets, cloud connectivity, security solutions and voice and collaboration tools into one platform that enables businesses to leverage their data and adopt next-generation technologies.

Lumen brings together the talent, experience, infrastructure and capabilities of CenturyLink, Level 3 and 25+ other technology companies to create a new kind of company—one designed specifically to address the dynamic data and application needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

BGP Services
Border Gateway Protocol is the current Internet standard for interdomain Autonomous System exterior routing.
IP Services
Lumen will provide IP address space to downstream, directly connected Internet customers.
DNS Services
Domain Name Services are used to translate domain names into an IP address that computers recognize.

Utilization Reports:

To access your performance data, log in to Control Center, click the Reports tile, then click the Network Performance subtile.

Control Center